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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we will hang out in the 60s for the next few hours and towards the afternoon, 70s make a court -- a comeback. we won't see high temperatures that hit 70 today. cold front and what it means for the rain chances and how long the cold air will stick around coming in 10 minutes. hotspots at 6:00 on tuesday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. and accident in hillsborough county in ybor city. this is on seventh avenue at 17th street. you do still have police on scene. if you are traveling in hernando county in springhill, there may be a disabled vehicle blocking one lane on springhill drive of linden drive. coming up i will have your bridge drive times.
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welcome to 10news this morning. i am allison kropff. you may have the hottest kicks in town but finding nikes will cost hundreds of dollars. >> a push to recruit john morgan to run for governor for 2018. protest continue over the presidency of donald trump. we will start with emerald morrow live in the newsroom. social media buzzing over protesting in portland oregon.>> reporter: this story has a lot of you on fire we want to share some of the comments we were getting. allison schooler said if these protesters did in both and they have no right to complain or protest and we have chris who says many were arrested and they weren't old enough to vote. some people were undocumented. also unable to vote. it is what drove hundreds of students out of the classroom and into the streets yesterday and other parts of the country. students said they worried
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trump. especially after comments on immigration. a lot of you take issue with protesters who did not vote. our partners at kgw in portland compared arrest records to voting records and found that 70% of the protesters who were arrested did not vote in the election. to be clear, this was a small percentage of protesters. there were 4000 people who were who were arrested. the other interesting tidbit to share in all of this is that 10 investigates found a similar pattern from 2012 were people who were with the occupied temper protest, arrested in that, the majority also did not vote in the election. that transition plan continues. donald trump will meet with governor mike pence today at trump tower. they are building the next administration and going over possible cabinet picks. campaign source told cbs use
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serve as secretary of state. he refused to discuss the chances at a wall street journal forum on monday night. instead he came to the defense of steve bannon. the mobile tapped as the president-elect -- chief strategist. >> he may have a different view but he loves america as much as you are i do. >> trump has 4000 jobs to fi takes the oath of office in january. john bolton, former us ambassador to the un will be the potential for the job is mister trump's secretary of state. an investigation underway after someone shot and killed someone as they were fighting a deputy on i 75 which is south of fort myers. a deputy was working a crash when the suspect came up on him. he then chased him down the
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and started to fight each other. someone passing by to the suspect he would shoot him if he didn't stop attacking the deputy. deputies say when the suspect didn't stop that person shot the suspect three times. the suspect died. the deputy was taken to the hospital and has been release. the suspect was armed. the person who shot the suspect does have a concealed weapons license. today parents and pasco county will take frustrations to the school board. the district moves towards plans to rezone school boundaries. officials say they expect parents to say what they think at tonight school board meeting. many parents are upset their child should have to go through another school starting next year. many are forced to move to a new school and they say this type especially as they have built relationships with the school. the district says it has to make changes to deal with overcrowding in the classroom.>> their argument will be that it will harm their neighborhood but children adjust easily. what we have to
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resources that we have with responsibility and currently we have a couple of schools that are way overcapacity.>> if you want to attend the meeting it is tonight at the district headquarters in land o' lakes. , germany's largest airline could be grounded of pilots go on strike. the pilot union are fighting with the list anza airline. the pilots have been without raises for five ar lufthansa started flying out of tampa last year. new reports say apple could be developing its own version of digital lasses. this comes after snapchat spectacle video glasses. bloomberg reports that apple glasses would connect you to your iphone and use augmented reality to show different images. it will be like how snapchat works with photos. 2018 will be the earliest they will be available.
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tower. the 32-year-old man was painted the inside of a tent when the scaffolding snapped. he fell 50 feet into the tower. he was rescued by lower down issued and taken to the hospital. he had injuries to his back, arm and head. in minnesota man getting recognition for helping find a missing girl. nathan topol was hunting when he spotted the 12-year-old girl clinging to a tree inside 30 hours. >> when i got closer i knew it was her. she made eye contact with me and it was fear. you could see it. that is a look that i will never forget. >> the girls parents released a statement thanking the community for their support. the girl is recovering and we don't know when she will be released. self leasing shoes? it is going to cost you.
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self leasing shoes are selling for $720. that is a lot of money. they are inspired by that pair worn in the film back to the future 2. the battery life has two weeks. they go on sale december 1. put them under the tree for christmas. but would you want to wear them? i would be worried about wayne.>> $720. >> this has people excited. they had been waiting months. pictures and now the first trailer for disney's beauty and the beast found do out the spring. -- this spring. this is the start of the trailer. this is the first live-action remake of the classic animated film beauty and the beast. there is quite a bit of waiting
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we are getting a better look at the characters especially these. you may recognize bell, emma watson. this film will be in theaters march 17. >> i haven't watched the trailer but it looks dark. >> then you see some of the scenes where you get into some of the characters and it does get brighter. >> for an animated film like that. >> absolutely. the pressure is on. you have to make a good remake. this will sound crazy but new technology helping cows catch their farmers. [ laughter ]. the device that is helping farmers make sure their cows are staying healthy. morgan & morgan for the people. you heard the commercial but how about morgan & morgan for all the people in the state of florida. john morgan is pushing to become
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state. holiday shopping season kicks off in the next few days. be sure to keep watching 10news this morning because you will get a cool giveaway. the golden diamond stores have teamed up to give away a $500 gift card. keep watching at 6:00. 6:09 am. here is the bridge update. if you are trin howard frankland in the next 30 you are in luck, no delay and no accidents. after 6:30 am is when we will see delays into tampa. it is only taking six minutes to cross. the sunshine skyway bridge is taking 17 minutes to cross. pinellas point drive down to 75 in manatee county. it is clear at the top. no visibility issues and we don't see any delays. out
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cloud cover. we start off cool that we have a big cooldown heading our way this weekend. how much the temperatures will plummet and if there are rain chances heading your way with this front as well. as you are heading out the door let's get a check of the
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you may have been stuffed in the closet somewhere but pull out the old records. vinyl the spike in album sales has led to a turntable boom. so many people now with turntables. >> the projected sales, $194 million this year alone. that is up from $19,000,000.11 years ago. the reason this is popular, because corporations are trying to keep up with the demand and bringing back some of the classics. panasonic is resurrecting technet's record player after
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>> you see a time when sales will plateau or the cool factor will go away and this will fall back down again. >> i would be surprised if it does but i don't pick it will ever go away again like it did in the 90s.>> experts say the millennials are leading this turntable revolution. turntable sales on the shopping last year. people who have the turntables say the sound is so much better when you listen to a record. >> it is a different sound. i was looking on my phone during commercial. you have some turntables going for sick of any -- $70. if you have records around the house, check this out. >> a great holiday gift. a conversation starter as well because you set that out and it generates a conversation about i got this turntable and let's do these albums.
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hilary zalla. a few issues on the roads.>> ybor city on seventh avenue. that one is about to be cleared. interstates is still looking good at hillsborough county so i for to the downtown interchanges taking nine minutes from 75 to's to 75. from polk county from polk parkway over to 75 in tampa the drive time is 15 minutes. big heads-up to hillsborough avenue drivers. if you take hillsborough avenue east of 275 you will see delays. a water main break there in the eastbound direction, two lanes blocked between 22nd street and 30th street. just a heads up, prepare extra time if you are heading that way. let's check out to 75. this is a live look at bauer avenue on to 75.
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usually things don't pick up until 6:30 am but if you are heading south you will want to leave early, one or two minutes at this point. drive time is looking at about 16 minutes from the apex down to i-4. on pinellas county, we haven't picked up yet on us 19 or east lake road. 19 is taking 10 minutes and that is from alternate 19 to tampa road. the slowest spot morning rush in tampa bay is to 75 in hillsborough county if you are going south to downtown interchange. sarasota and manatee county, still in the green. we haven't picked up on the bridges between palmetto and bradenton. if you have problems on the roads, be sure to send me an email. i am your road warrior and i can answer traffic questions. email me, road warrior at traffic questions.
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as you head out the door, light jacket will do. 50s out there. we are also seeing clear skies. temperatures are going to rebound as we take you through the day today. looking ahead to the next three days we started with a warming trend in the forecast and we are looking ahead to great weather over the next few days. but we have a big cooldown on the horizon heading our way as we look ahead to the weekend. out the door this morning, no widespread issues with fog. a little bit of patchy rain we see a little bit in the gulf. getting that clearing in behind it is why temperatures are starting to drop in some spots. if you are north of i-4 chances are you are in the 50s. as you head out the door this morning to get the workouts and you are in great shape. things warming up towards 9:00 but you wont have to worry. look at the future cast. it does warm up quickly as the
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9:00. from there we see a quick rebound in temperatures. the lunch hour is looking spectacular. temperatures in the mid-70s and then as the kids are getting off the bus we will see temperatures in the mid to upper 70s once again. than the cloud cover starts to roll and once again for the evening commute so if you are driving it is not the worst thing. it will shield you from the sunshine. sunset now at 5:40 am. it could be in-your-face as you try to get home. another batch of cloud cover in then before we clear out overnight. clear skies overnight means one thing. cooler temperatures. upper 40s to the nature coast tomorrow with 50s to the bay area. warming to the mid to upper 70s later today and the nice comfortable cool start tomorrow before we talk about a big change for the forecast in the form of a cold front. that will spread to the se over the next several days and by the time we headed to sunday afternoon we had that cooler
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monday it really allows temperatures to drop. this is what to expect monday morning. 40s for the bay area. and then upper 30s for some folks in the nature coast. it will be a cold one which leads me to a pole i have on twitter. how are you feeling? it is prettyll break out the boots and have an excuse? one vote from allison. there has been more folks that have said this is florida, 40s are too cold. interesting to hear what you have to say. go to twitter at ashley batey. a little bit of a cold snap and it won't be lasting too long. if you are in that area i don't want to deal with 40s. it will be monday and by tuesday we start to see temperatures coming back up, but monday topping out in the upper 60s. get 10 weather updates on the
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knife. wsrq 106.9 fm and spanish, maxima 92.5. >> i voted, it is so close. 53% say this is boots whether. some say it is too cold. >> go find her on twitter. >> you have to turn the heat on may be.>> i'm ready for it. the milk you are drinking could have come from a cow. >> it sounds so strange.>> it is neat technology that farmers can use. 350 farmers across the world have a wireless sensor. they are in the cows stomachs. the device can monitor the cow and check if it has major health changes and if the cow does, the sensor sends a text
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kind of different. communicates the data. when you first hear a cow was able to text, you are trying to figure this out. we're talking about communicating health data. >> one way to get the message across. all this week the diamonds are giving away a $500 gift card to their store. call the number on your screen now, 727-577-4357. the 10th caller is the winner. >> if you're heading home for or car, it will be busy. we will look at the number of folks expected to travel during the travel season. >> making healthy choices is an easy all the time so that is
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if you are, you are getting half of the information you need to pick the best foods. >> ellen price looks at the truth about food labels. >> reporter: this is 10 g of protein and 110 cal. look how big the wrap is. >> gordon has always watched what she ate. >> i would have had 560 l. nutrition panel to the ingredients, -- >> the first ingredient is water. >> she change what is in her kitchen.>> i didn't even have cows milk in my refrigerator. >> catherine talmage said the ingredient list is as important if not important than the nutrition panel. >> you find fiber in the most unlikely foods and candy bars for instance because the manufacturer has added fiber to
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>> checking the ingredients label tells you if you are eating nutrients or additives. with the truth about nutrition labels, i am ellen price.>> a percentage on ingredients label may not pertain to you because those are on 2000 cal diets each day and some people don't follow that. keep that in mind.>> very first ingredient on the ingredients list is the most important. >> if you can't even say it or you don't know what it is avoided. >> of it had more than five in total and did the first three aren't things like i can pronounce this and i know what it is you should put it back on the shelf.>> a good reminder to look up the ingredients. >> up in the air was sky 10 with a look at hillsborough avenue. there is a water main break. a big cool down heading our way this weekend. some of us are pumped about and others not so much. we will talk about this as you head out the door. it is a
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when should you start playing
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts
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good morning. we're getting a first glimpse of sunlight.
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overcast the way we have been. we will get sunshine in the forecast after 9:00. temperatures starting in the 60s south of i-4. we will be tracking isolated patchy fog through 8:00. then were sunshine coming in the forecast. we warm up until this weekend when we send temperatures crashing back down. a big cool down on the way. hotspots at 6:30 am. i am road warrior hilary zalla. there is a water main break on hillsborough avenue. let's go to sky 10. this is in tampa. you have two lanes blocked. this is between 22nd street and 30th street. east up to 75. you will see delays for morning rush. i will let you know when this is expected to be cleared coming up in 10 minutes.
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i am allison kropff. i am 10news morning anchor ian reitz. >> it's important for us to let him make his decisions. i think the american people will judge over the next few years whether they like what they see. >> president-elect donald trump continues to form his transition team. he has 4000 jobs to fill in his administration before he takes the oath of office in january. >> i can see already how he is >> a campaign source says rudy giuliani is a favorite to be secretary of state. face the battle and when the war. john morgan for governor. an online petition now calling for the man who helped pass medical marijuana to be florida's next leader. you for the add, morgan and morgan for the people but how
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morgan. sarah hollenbeck joins us live at morgan & morgan law firm. the attorneys work to legalize medical marijuana is feeding into the popularity. >> reporter: he had a lot of success with that so now a lot of people are hoping that john morgan will instead go from his law firm across florida from these buildings to the governor's mansion instead running for the top spot in taking over governor rick scott's position in 2018. morgan is a household name in florida. i'm sure you have seen hundreds of these commal them. a petition website launched encouraging morgan to run for governor in 2018. but could he actually have a chance. some analysts say yes. after all we've seen a big shift in political outsiders successfully taking over office. just like the new president elect. he -- supporters say if he can get medical marijuana to pass
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able to accomplish in florida. it is important to note that john morgan hasn't officially said whether he will run for this but his supporters are so confident in him that they have already raised $25,000 for his campaign to be kicked off. 6:33 am. monday was world diabetes date and a highschooler got into trouble for a t-shirt she wore. i want to show you 12 times per day that a type i diabetic has to put finger and draw blood. emily conrad has dealt with this since she was six and says the shirt is a great way to start a conversation about type 1 diabetes and the challenges associated. >> and generally they will say what is it four or if they do, that's an appropriate, then it gives me a chance to explain. when you put your finger with a needle and i will explain that
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>> administrators said the high school made her take off the shirt calling it offensive. it won first place last spring as the best teacher design at a diabetes competition. you are planning to travel this thanksgiving 15 miles or more from your home. aaa said that is 1 million more than last year. more people are traveling because the economy is doing well. the thanksgiving travel season is from wednesday, november 23 to sunday, november 27 and the busiest days to travel are now wednesday and suay anywhere you go whether on a plane or the car or a train it will be busy. what if things don't really go as planned. a traffic jam. jennifer titus has what you need to know in case you run into a travel nightmare.>> reporter: we have all been there. a travel nightmare. >> my engine caught fire over las vegas. >> the plane could not land so we stayed in orlando for two
6:35 am
>> the flight was delayed and the hotels were not available. i spent 2 1/2 days in the airport trying to get out. >> i ran out of gas in south carolina. >> taking your concerns to travel experts.>> where do we start from there? >> if there is a problem, contact the airline and find out what kind of things they will give you. >> is there anything hidden that i can ask for like a refund airline has the responsibility to get you to your destination whatever the scenario whether it will be an hour from now or tomorrow. the timeline for when they get you there determines what they have to provide you. >> so there is no actual thing that says they owe me this. >> not necessarily but there is something that passengers can research and that is called the
6:36 am
is essentially the fine print on the airline ticket. you can research what that particular airline offers. >> when it comes to driving, is there any way to save time and money? actually there is. there are apps out there including the aaa updated app where it shows you the price of local gas stations and fastest routes. in tampa, jennifer titus. 10news. if you haven't looked -- booked a holiday flight the best time tickets is just after midnight. if you are flying we all know the airports are crazy this time of year. >> as we head into thanksgiving and christmas. obviously that is a stressful time for folks so if you are heading to the airport for the holidays, to make travel easier , according to smarter, allow plenty of
6:37 am
especially if you have to park. if you can avoid checking bags all together. carry on with you. make sure your smart phone is charged before you leave home. you never know when a flight will be canceled or delayed and if possible, try booking an early flight. if there is a problem you can catch up and make it later connection. taco bell is open on the vegas strip. it is different than the one you've been used to. taco bell cantina has a different flavors of frozen drinks that can be mixed with alcohol. they sell beer on tap. spot for a guest dj and a lounge. >> you look at all the places that have amazing tourist destination spots and las vegas is one of them. we think of this restaurant as a destination location.>> it feels vegas. how about the food? you can have different types of food and the classic tacos and burritos. >> give it a try., why not.
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thanksgiving yet. folks already starting to think about christmas. people have christmas lights and decorations out a the big debate every year, when is it okay to plan holiday meals. >> we can get into this. to put an end to the debate we asked jim clark, a radio executive, cox media, home of the christmas music. they would say out he didn't really have a clear-cut answer. he said it depends on feedback from the listener. in case you're wondering, they have not started playing christmas music yet. people are talking about this one. people get passionate. a lot of folks have been weighing in on the facebook page. after thanksgiving that is the
6:39 am
that is my story and i'm sticking to it. commander says it is never too early. if it makes you happy and gives you great memories, then play away.>> where the people that thinks it is too early? >> this woman wanted to wait until after thanksgiving. until after turkey day. >> these are with you. i say if you want to crank it up now, do it.>> we will continue for the next 20 minutes of the show. join us at 7:00 on facebook. allison and ian, we will talk about this. you can hill -- the debate. >> we've been chatting about this. crank up the holiday tunes in the background as well. speaking up holidays there is a popular children's barbie that is pushing for diversity. and model and activist is helping start a conversation. first, this is a sweet story. after the break, special bond one little boy has with his
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ncis followed by bull and ncis
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good morning. it is 6:42 am. here is the bridge update. all bridges into tampa are pretty quiet. the only thing i am seeing is a delay on the howard frankland and memorial highway. memorial highway heading south and to 75 heading south onto the howard frankland, a bit of a slowdown. i haven't seen reports of an accident yet but if that is the case i will let minutes. the gandy bridge is taking five minutes. courtney campbell at seven minutes. northbound to 75 across howard frankland, six minutes. we're quiet now but heads up, tracking light rain in the gulf of mexico. it is possible northern pinellas along the border there with pasco county, could see light sprinkles. we've had no real issues with visibility. looking great if you are trying to get on the water. although it will be on the cool side throughout the day with
6:44 am
the moderate rain intensity with allergy levels for the next several. thanks to no real rain chances. even though we are staying dry we are tracking a frontal boundary as we look ahead to the weekend that means big changes for temperatures. i am talking 40s for tampa bay. those numbers coming up. hope you're having a wonderful tuesday. coming up tonight on 10 sports. we are live from the florida hall of fame where john and phil esposito are among the inductees. we will have live interviews tonight at 6:00. we will update you on the latest with mike evans's protest and the backlash she has received since sitting during the national anthem. florida state hits the hardwood tonight. what you need to know following their home game. allison and ian, remember the old game hungry hungry hippos. if you loved it you will love this. the cavaliers last night held a
6:45 am
at stake was a $100 gift card but we were all winners after this epic halftime performance. that's amazing. i love this idea. >> when you have the view over the top. >> you couldn't tell how they were making it happen. that is awesome. >> why it hasn't it happened before? >> another cool story. this is at a plano, texas. a little boy man he gets to see every week. we want to introduce you to 2- year-old lance. he wheels his recycling bin to the curb every morning and he waits for his friend james the trash man. there is a unique friendship starting with a wave. look at this. james gave his buddy a city toy bank and he has put it down. >> he hears it and he stops and
6:46 am
we have to get out of the high chair and ran to the back. >> he is so excited and i'm like is he going to be there again? i would always wonder. >> he is there every monday morning. >> i love he says he wonders of the little boy will be there. >> lancet dressed up as james for halloween. he used that tiny recycling bin and he had a reflective vest. he puts on the best every monday morning for james. james is that it makes me sweetest little boy. adorable.>> we hear a lot about barbie and how the image to body is put out there hasn't been the best for girls. barbie is adding a new model and an activist to the list of heroes. this is a cool line of barbies that feature boundary breaking
6:47 am
activist ashley graham is challenging the conversation around body norm. this is mattel. they say it's an important message for girls. barbie has become a symbol of unrealistic beauty standards over the years. this is another step to change that. there are three new body shapes in the fashionista line that had just come out. in 23 new dolls the different skin tones and hairstyles come out in 2015. other heroes include ballet dancer, missy copeland and gabby douglas. they don't have thei necessarily. but they became so popular. some of the other ones they did decide to make the barbies to put out there. reflecting more of what we look like as a society and what girls look like. short or tall or different skin tones or hair color. adding somebody else in their about what the world should look at as a model. >> the company's ceo says wanting to make sure little
6:48 am
>> she ashley graham is thrilled to be able to see that and be a part of that. >> they are working on releasing them.>> the ashley graham doll will not be made into a doll at this point. it is popular. just 48 minutes after 6:00. hillary as been keeping an eye on traffic. an accident on i-75 in hillsborough county. this is near i-4 in the northbound direction. it is taking 24 mite the selmon expressway to state road 56. let's go to sky 10. this look is from the ground shot where you can see two right lanes are blocked. heavy delays. now let's go to the aerial shot from sky 10. look at that delay. this is 75 north found near the i-4 exit. traffic is backed up to the brandon boulevard. that will get worse so if you are going to avoid 75 you can take us 301 instead and that is a great alternate.
6:49 am
traffic for 15 minutes. let's go back to the maps. that is the biggest incident we're dealing with this morning in tampa bay. pinellas county, 275 is quiet. there is debris reported on eastbound gandy boulevard before you get onto the gandy bridge. i'm not sure what it is. something that fell off a vehicle. it is blocking on that will have traffic dodging and could cause a delay but right now you are still in the green. polk county will only delay around polk parkway near the total area and that is near bartow road and florida avenue. 39 miles per hour there. other than that not dealing with anything. sarasota and manatee county, good morning. it is quiet. no accidents and really no delays on i-75 just yet. if you are headed out the door and you have any questions about traffic you can email me,
6:50 am
a good amount of cloud cover but we are going to get more sunshine in the forecast. this is what you are waking to on clearwater beach. we have breaks. yesterday we were socked in by cloud cover. we will warm up a good bit more but we're still off to a relatively mild start and because of the cloud cover south of i-4 for you see 60s this morning if you are north of i-4, likely you will encounter 50. there was a dividing line. see a few sprinkles especially along the pasco, pinellas border with moisture coming in off the gulf. most of us stay dried today and we get more sunshine as the day progresses. after 9:00 especially. we could see really clear cloud cover. warming up as a result. we will see temperatures that are warmer than the 73 we had
6:51 am
clock and we will check out a few more degrees. topping out between 75 and 78. and then as we had to the evening it looks like we will get more cloud cover for the drive time. that will hang out with us through the evening. before we clear things out overnight. clear skies overnight means a cool start in the morning. we will drop to the 50s around the tampa bay area. a lot of sunshine through the afternoon but there will be sometimes where you have a little bit of gray sky out there. we clear things speaking of that, this is the frontal boundary that we will track through the midsouth on friday night. that will continue to move to the southeast. you notice that we broke up that cloud cover and rain chances by the time this is knocking on florida's doorstep on sunday. that pushes through late in the day on sunday. early enough though where we will stop the warming at 70 degrees for sunday afternoon. watch the cold air dive in here.
6:52 am
will talk about temperatures in the upper 30s for the nature coast and 40s for the bay area. i took a pull an hour ago and now the majority is saying bring on the booths whether. there are still a lot of folks that are saying it is too cold out there. let me know what you think. go to my twitter account and vote. do you enjoy the 40s. either way, that won't last long. if you enjoy the warmer temperatures, get outside but if you
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three cows stranded on an island in new zealand have been rescued. >> they have been stranded since the weekend.
6:56 am
this was all over social media. the cows were sitting there surrounded by the landslide. the cows that were rescued by farmer and others who were there dug out a track to get them. a number of folks are still being rescued in that country after several people were cut off by the landslides. and accident on east lake road in pinellas county. let's go to the map. this is southbound is lake road at trinity boulevard. alternate would be us 19 by the way. let's go to sky 10. 275 northbound in tampa is jammed from the crash at i-4. two lanes blocked. the backup is for miles. >> we will take time to keep things warm before a rather potent cold front. you and i are pumped about this. the majority of folks are agreeing saying a little boot weather is not the worst thing
6:57 am
it is to call. >> i don't wanted to stick around for a long time but one morning or two. >> thanks for joining us. hope you have a great day.
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? good morning. it is tuesday, november 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this president-elect trump eyes rudy giuliani to be his secretary of state. he's also looking at ways to give his older children top secret security clearance. raising new concerns about business conflicts. more than 70 wildfires burn across a bone dry southeast. hundreds of buildings are threatened. we're on the front line of one of the toughest sites. plus, a group of moms helping underprivileged students.


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